The Horsforth Centre

Training & Events

We have a range of courses and events aimed at professional therapists and counsellors and also those interested in developing their knowledge further.
If you are a counsellor, psychotherapist or therapist on the hunt for quality CPD, our Practitioner or Supervision Days are an opportunity to gain some excellent teaching.

Want to know more about CBT? The Introduction Certificate 2 day course is the first stage.
Our Counselling Skills - introductory 2 day course is an ideal introduction to counselling either as a possible career, skill development or just for personal interest.
If you are interested in learning more about psychotherapy or transactional analysis - the TA 101 is an ideal starting point. We also have the Practitioner Days as an alternative 1 day follow on. If you are looking for longer term training - take a look at our Diploma in TA.

Click on any of the titles in the list on the right for more information.

All training takes place at The Horsforth Centre unless stated otherwise. If you would like more information on any of our courses, please get in touch with us on 0113 2583399 or email

Events Calendar




29 & 30 Introduction to Counselling Skills



12 First Steps to Successful Private Practice
19 CPD Day: Bereavement and Moving on
20  Advanced Clinical Training: Humanistic Theory
20 Evening Seminar: Working with Depression



23 & 30 Introduction to CBT
9 CPD & Self Reflective Practice Group 
10 Evening Seminar: Exploring Difference
24 Advanced Clinical Training: Borderline and Narcissistic Traits



1 & 2 Introduction to Transactional Analysis (TA101)



2 & 3 Introduction to Transactional Analysis (TA101)
8 CPD & Self Reflective Practice Group
9 & 10  Introduction to Counselling Skills
30 & 1 Oct Introduction to CBT



7 Evening Seminar
21 Getting the most out of the Countertransference with Helen Rowland



3 CPD & Self Reflective Practice Group
18 & 19 Key to Couples Work, 2 day workshop with Jennie Miller
25 Evening Seminar



2 Client Assessment
3 Sex and Sexuality in the Therapy Room 1
9 Evening Seminar



5 CPD & Self Reflective Practice Group
13 Evening Seminar
27 & 28 Introduction to Transactional Analysis (TA101)



3 & 4 Introduction to CBT
10 Evening Seminar
24 & 25 Introduction to Counselling Skills



2 CPD & Self Reflective Practice Group
10 Evening Seminar
24 Sex and Sexuality in the Therapy Room 2
25 Writing the CTA Exam 
May 2018
4 CPD & Self Reflective Practice Group
19 Evening Seminar
June 2018
2 First Steps to Successful Private Practice
16 Evening Seminar
23 & 24  CBT Intermediate workshop
30 Jun/1 July Introduction to Transactional Analysis (TA101)
July 2018
14 TA and Object Relations
15 Sex and Sexuality in the Therapy Room 3