Work life Balance – is it really possible?

Work life balance

Many of us feel we are struggling to juggle different aspects of our lives and also feel that this is an essential part of modern life and guilty if we can’t maintain it. Is it possible to keep work, relationships, carer responsibilities, fitness, fun and more in balance? Or are we aiming for the unattainable? The following articles discuss the issue from different angles and viewpoints.

The secret to work-life balance is to stop balancing

Karen Meager and John McLachlan, People Management

The authors of this blog article feel that we should stop balancing and find a rhythm that suits our individual lives. A big part of this is to stop trying to multi-task and to start reviewing and prioritising properly. I like that they suggest that we try changing small things to see if they work for us first rather than going all out, failing, and going back to the old way by default.

For the full article by Karen Meager and John McLachlan, click here.

Ten tips for a better work-life balance

Stuart Jeffries, The Guardian

Offering 10 ideas on how we can make small changes to our lives and, more importantly, our attitude to work demands, Stuart Jeffries is pragmatic about  how realistic the ‘work life balance’ is. One of the quotes that speaks to me most from this article is about ‘Set Your Own Rules’;  “The important thing is to ignore the shoulds – the shoulds that comes from other people or from you internalising others’ mindsets. You have to rely on your own intuition.” Well said!

For the full article by Stuart Jeffries, click here.

Work-life balance: What does it mean for men?

Helen Morrisey, BBC Business

We hear a lot more about what work life balance means for women than men and the media is very vocal about combining family and career but this is generally from the female viewpoint. This piece by Helen is refreshing in that she talks to men about their work life balance with insights from her own life with her partner who is the main child-care provider in the household.

For the full article, click here

Work life balance quiz

Canadian Mental Health Association

If you enjoy doing quick quizzes, we’ve found this one from the Canadian Mental Health Association asking 15 yes/no questions about work-life and gives some tips with the score at the end. Very clearly not scientific, the quiz can be a quick guide on where you are.  To take the test, click here 


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