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Child and Adolescent Therapy

At The Horsforth Centre we provide counselling for children and adolescents. Child and adolescent counselling sessions are similar to sessions with adults, although the ideas are adapted to suit a child’s understanding.  The therapist will use simple and creative ways to explain the ideas to your child and to help them identify and work through their thoughts and feelings.

Play Therapy

We also offer play therapy in an inviting and relaxed room. The therapy room contains a variety of toys and mediums through which the child can express themselves.  These include sandtray, paints, pencils and crayons, clay, playdoh, puppets and other materials. Play is a child’s natural medium of self expression.  Children can find it difficult to express themselves by talking directly about what is happening to them and how they are feeling.  Imagery and metaphor are important in enabling children to understand and express these feelings.

What happens during a play therapy session?

During the sessions, the therapist will create a safe, confidential and accepting environment which places as few limits as possible on the child, enabling them to express themselves in the way that suits them.  The therapist aims to build a trusting relationship with the child and to interact with them in their play, while containing and holding their feelings in order to help them make sense of their world.
The therapist follows the child’s lead, giving the child the chance to explore the therapy room and the responsibility of choosing how to spend their time.  At times the therapist may be more directive. 

Adolescent and Teenager Therapy

Many young people are struggling with how they feel and situations in their life. They may be having problems with managing feelings, problems with friends, family or school. This can lead to them feeling anxious, angry, scared or depressed. They may find it difficult to talk to people they know - particularly family members. Counselling can help them talk things through, feel supported without being judged and help them deal with the issues they are struggling with.

How many sessions will your child need?

The number of sessions required depends very much on the problems your child is facing. Your therapist will work with you and your child to decide together how many sessions you think are necessary and progress will be reviewed at regular intervals.  With children and adolescents, it often takes a little longer to build up a therapeutic relationship (without which no meaningful work can take place).

Who at The Horsforth Centre provides Child and Adolescent Therapy

Sam Reardon provides Child and Adolescent Therapy. Just click on his name to follow the link through to his page which explains more about how he works as a therapist.

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