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Life Coaching

Have you ever got to the stage where everything has got on top of you and you feel that you no longer have control over what's happening? If so, then Life Coaching could be for you. It helps you review what you want to get out of life and helps you plan towards achieving your personal and career goals. It provides you with an insight on how to achieve a better work/life balance.
A Life Coach works with you in a very collaborative manner to help you:
  • Understand what's going on in your life
  • Clarify how you'd like it to change
  • Help you set goals
  • Develop strategies to help you achieve them
  • Keep you focused
  • Help you deal with all the various things that life throws at you which might get in the way of achieving your goals

How it works

Usually, we have an initial, detailed meeting where we discuss what's going on in your life, start fleshing out some goals and agree on how we're going to work together to achieve your goals. Then, according to what best suits you, we either continue having weekly or fortnightly face-to-face meetings, or we could arrange a weekly/fortnightly phone call where we discuss what's happened in the intervening week(s), agree and set goals for the following week(s), discuss any issues that might cause you problems in achieving those goals and arrange the next session. The sessions are always warm, friendly and professional. You set the pace, but the Life Coach is there to challenge you where necessary in a non-judgemental way.

How many sessions will you need?

The number of sessions you require is entirely up to you! You set the pace and at the end of each session we will review how things are progressing before we arrange the next appointment.

Who at The Horsforth Centre provides Life Coaching

Andy Williams and Liz Milner provide Life Coaching. Just click on their names to follow the link through to their page which explains more about how they work as Life Coaches.

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