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Business Coaching

At The Horsforth Centre both Individual Business Coaching and Corporate Coaching are offered either at the Practice or at your place of work.

Individual Business Coaching

Individual Business Coaching (as opposed to Corporate Business Coaching - see below) differs from Life Coaching as it is very focused on your work life - although if this impacts upon your home life, then dealing with that impact can form part of the coaching too. Business Coaching will help you achieve your maximum career potential through gaining a thorough understanding of your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.
A Business Coach will work with you to understand where you are in your career at the moment, what aspirations you have, what the blocks might be to achieving those aspirations, and help you set realistic goals to achieve your true potential. They will provide you with feedback on how you communicate, help you examine your interpersonal relationships and skills, your management style, your leadership skills and how all of these affect your current role. Business Coaching also offers you a space to voice any frustrations or anger you may have and discuss any issues or problems.

Corporate Business Coaching

Businesses need to maximise their greatest asset: their people, and Business Coaching helps people unlock their potential to maximise their own performance.
For an organisation, Business Coaching:
  • encourages staff to achieve their potential
  • improves productivity
  • improves team dynamics
  • encourages creativity
  • improves communication internally and externally
  • creates a positive work culture
Adaptability and flexibility in today's market is absolutely key. Many businesses have undergone huge changes over recent years. Many have had to substantially change their business strategies in order to be able to survive the changes in the market place. However, new strategies will only work if the staff change and adapt with them - and what better way to achieve that than through helping them understand themselves, help them work together more effectively as a team and develop their potential through effective, professional Business Coaching?
Business Coaching is:
  • Solution focused
  • Collaborative
  • Exploratory
  • Strategic
  • Motivating
  • Exciting!

How many sessions will you need?

The number of sessions you require is depends completely on your requirements. These would be discussed at an initial meeting and a number of sessions would then be agreed and reviewed at regular intervals.

Who at The Horsforth Centre provides Business Coaching

Liz Milner can provide Business Coaching. Just click on her name to follow the link through to her page which explains more about how she works as a Business Coach.

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