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Mothers' Bereavement Group

The Mothers Bereavement Group in Leeds is a new therapy group for mothers who have lost a child due to miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal death. The group is facilitated by Lucie Stephenson who has many years experience of working in this area.

Why Mothers' Bereavement Group in particular?

Although grief is to be epected from time to time in our lives, the loss of a child does not follow the natural order of things, therefore, the grief suffered wil lnot feel like any other bereavement.
The loss of a child at any stage of pregnancy or early in life can feel overwhelming and ultimately devastating, leaving mothers feeling isolated with their grief.
Bereaved mothers often find that when they are experiencing acute distress, the rest of the world seems to have moved on without them.  Where they had been previously been expecting to welcome joy into their lives, now they find they feel shock and despair.  This can be a very intense time, with many women feeling they have nowhere to turn.
Being able to share these experiences with other women in a group setting can help mothers to feel lessalone with their grief. The shared experience of a group can help to ease the very unique sense of loss that mothers go through. This can be a powerful antidote to the "never mind" culture around miscarriage and neonatal death, which can undermine many mothers feelings of tremendous loss.
The Mothers Bereavement Group will provide an opportunity for bereaved mothers to openly share their experiences in a safe, non-judgemental environment. Group members will be heard in a compassionate and supportive way and will be highly valued.

How many sessions will you need?

Who can join the group?
Mothers who have been bereaved either due to miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal death are welcome to joint the group. 
I lost my baby some time ago but haven't yet come to terms with it. Is the group still relevant?
It doesn't matter when the bereavement happened; at any time in the past or very recently, all are welcome since the pain of losing a baby may change but does not necessarily go away with time.

How do I join?
An individual initial session will need to be completed on a one to one basis before starting the group.  This is to ensure that individual needs can be met as far as possible and so that the group can be outlined.  This will be with Lucie and by prior arrangement with her.

When does the group take place?
The group will take place on Tuesday evenings between 6.30pm and 9pm.  Membership of the group will be on an ongoing basis.  Grief does not have a set time frame and as such, nor will the group.

How much will the group cost?
The cost of the groupwill be £120 per month. This will be for four group sessions.  The initial session will also be included in the monthly cost.  Payment will be due before sessions take place and can be made by either cash, cheque or BACS method.

I am very interested in joining the group. What do I need to do next?
You can contact Lucie Stephenson directly to make an arrangement to join the group or for more information.  Lucie will be happy to discuss your needs with you. Click here to go to her profile page or for her contact details

I can't make the group because the times don't suit me. I would really like some help though. Do you offer other types of support for bereaved mothers?
Lucie Stephenson is a very experienced counsellor with many years or working in this area. As well as the group, she offers 1 to 1 or couples face to face sessions. If you are not within travelling distance of The Horsforth Centre, Lucie also offers telephone or email counselling. Please get in touch with her by clicking here to arrange an initial conversation about your issues and what support you are looking for.

Who at The Horsforth Centre provides Mothers' Bereavement Group

Lucie Stephenson can provide Mothers' Bereavement Group. Just click on her name to follow the link through to her page which explains more about how she works as a .

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