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Evening Seminars

Evening Seminars


In addition to the other workshops and training at The Horsforth Centre by TA Training Organisation, we also offer a range of evening seminars - held once a month on a Saturday evening from 5.00pm til 6.45pm.

The seminars are an opportunity to meet and socialise with colleagues, network and gain CPD as we invite a speaker to come and share their ideas and enthusiasm about transactional analysis with us. Doors open from 5.00pm the seminar starts at 5.15pm for an hour and a half. All welcome, hot and cold drinks and snacks provided.

The next event

21 April - Working with Child Bereavement

What is the seminar about?

Working therapeutically alongside women, men and couples who have experienced the loss of a baby or child requires an understanding of this unique and often deeply traumatic bereavement.  Whether the loss is a miscarriage, termination, stillbirth, neo-natal death, or the loss of a child at any age, parents often feel isolated, bewildered and with a sense of despair.
The session will look at these themes.  It will also look  at the challenges presented to the therapist when working with these issues:
  • confidentiality: is it ok to share information given to you by one client that might help another? What does this look like?
  • How do you stay safe whilst remaining alongside?
  • How do you work with the imagery presented?
  • How do you hold the client throughout what can be a long and difficult road?

This seminar is delivered by Lucie Stephenson. Lucie is a relational therapist, working in private practice, with a broad range of clients and issues.
Her own experience of losing a child in 1996 is what inspired her to become a therapist, when she realised there was an absence of this specialised therapy.  She has worked with a variety of individuals and couples who have experienced the excruciating, empty, often silent loss of a baby or child.  Through being alongside those suffering this very particular kind of heartache, Lucie has gained an extensive understanding of this subject and has since broadened her work to include those suffering with fertility issues and loss of a child at any age.

Attendees will be invited to consider how to apply the learning to their own professional setting as counsellor, psychotherapist, coach, professional or mental health worker.

How do I book?

The evening begins at 5.00pm with drinks, snacks and networking with the seminar from 5.15pm lasting approx 90 mins and finishes at 6.45pm. The seminar costs £5. Click here to go the general booking site or click on the date on the right.

Dates for future Evening Seminars:

10 March 2018
21 April 2018
19 May 2018
16 June 2018