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The psychotherapy available at The Horsforth Centre is humanistic with a focus on building on the positives rather than focusing on the negatives. At The Horsforth Centre, we all believe in the inherent human capacity to maximize one's potential and we strive to create the right relational environment to help you achieve this.
Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy explores the historic script that we have written for ourselves - our "life script" - and helps you to develop your awareness of this script, how it impacts upon your life and how you can work towards changing that unconscious story. This can enable you to find new ways of relating, greater intimacy, improved friendships, greater authenticity and a new way of truly knowing yourself.

This therapeutic work takes places in a clear and mutually agreed contract, so everyone knows the goals for therapy and how they may be achieved.

How many sessions will you need?

Clients usually come for one or more assessment sessions followed by a course of therapy. Short term work is typically six to twelve sessions whilst longer term therapy usually takes place across many months. Frequent reviews keep the work focused, on track and offer an opportunity for therapist and client to discuss progress and consider when a suitable ending might take place.

Who at The Horsforth Centre provides Psychotherapy

Andy Williams and David Willetts provide Psychotherapy. Just click on their names to follow the link through to their page which explains more about how they work as Psychotherapists.

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