The Horsforth Centre

Bob CookeLive Group Psychotherapy - Therapy Marathon

A workshop with Bob Cooke

For students and trainees of transactional analysis who wish to experience live group psychotherapy.

Sat 14 and Sun 15 April 2018 10.00am -5.00pm.

Course Content. What is live group psychotherapy?
Bob is presenting the workshop and will be doing individual psychotherapy within a group setting and from a relational group perspective. He will then be ‘teaching off the work’ to explain interventions and decisions made as a therapist. It is a chance for attendees to experience therapy and also to discuss putting clinical theory into practice.
The focus will be on theories and methods of clinical TA including:
  • the use of contracts
  • analysis of ego state
  • enactment of script and script beliefs
  • the attention and use of transference
  • interruptions to contact
  • internal and external contact
  • the diagnosis of relational needs
The content will also include a focus on the relational group versus individual therapy within the group.
Learning outcomes
Students will gain the experience of individual psychotherapy within a group context. They will develop their professional learning in terms of being able to discuss clinical theory into practice. In addition, they will also sharpen their clinical skills as part of the process. Furthermore, this workshop can also be used as an opportunity to refresh trainees’ and students’ knowledge and experience at a clinical level.

About the trainer
Bob Cooke founded the Manchester Institute for Psychotherapy (MIP) in 1987 and, since 1993, has been running a comprehensive TA psychotherapy training programme at MIP. He has taught extensively in the area of relational integrative psychotherapy both in the UK and abroad. Bob is a qualified TSTA who is an experienced Psychotherapist, Trainer, Educator and Supervisor. He runs a clinical practice encompassing both individual and group Psychotherapy.

The workshop costs £200 and is at 10.00am – 5.00pm. Refreshments (excluding lunch) are provided.