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Successful Practice when Counselling Clients
with Autism

with Aspire Autism training

It can be challenging work for therapists supporting people who find it difficult to express their thoughts and feelings. These clients often have problems when relating to others as they struggle to interpret the behaviours and actions of those around them, making it difficult to always respond appropriately to family, friends and colleagues.

Some of these clients may be affected by ‘alexithymia’, a personality characteristic which makes an individual unable to identify and describe their emotions, which causes a marked dysfunction in emotional awareness, social attachment and interpersonal relating.

About the trainers

Ruth Williams and Deborah Wortman are Psychotherapists and Clinical Supervisors with many years’ experience of supporting people on the autistic spectrum. They also have personal experience of living with family members who are diagnosed with autistic spectrum conditions and therefore fully understand the pressures of daily life for both the person with autism and their relatives. Several years ago they recognised that there was a general lack of knowledge about autism and insufficient practical help for people with these conditions and their families. Over the past few years they have been providing quality training courses for therapists, families and other professionals to better equip them to understand and support people with autism. 


About the course

The course is delivered in Leeds over two days (Part 1 and Part 2), totalling 12 hours of CPD.
Part One (Day 1)
Designed to enhance awareness and provide a detailed understanding of autistic spectrum conditions; covering social behaviour, communication, cognitive differences, sensory issues, as well as exploring how autism presents differently in women and girls. Day one also covers conditions which can be co-associated with autism such as ADHD/ADD, OCD, developmental coordination disorder, sensory integration difficulties, eating disorders and social anxiety; impacting significantly on the mental health of people with autism. Part one is suitable for parents, partners, educators, human resource professionals as well as counsellors, healthcare workers and mental health professionals.

Part Two (Day 2)
Aimed at therapists and healthcare workers who have already completed Part 1 of this training and this second day provides a wealth of creative tools and strategies to be used when supporting people with autism. This training explores alternative ways of working which will enable therapists to work more confidently and flexibly with this client group. We use a solution-focused approach, incorporating case study work and the insights gained from our own clinical work.

Cost and Training Dates
Each of our 1 day courses offer 6 hrs of CPD and costs just £85 per day
24  November 2018       Part 1 Insight into the World of Autistic Spectrum Conditions 
1  December 2018     Part 2 Successful Practice when Counselling Clients with Autism 
If you wish to book or make further enquiries about either of our courses, please email us at or call Ruth on 07842 879484 or Deborah on 07789 642161. 


Working with clients who are on the Autistic Spectrum can be extremely interesting and rewarding provided that the therapist feels sufficiently informed and confident to engage with this client group.  We both offer on-going supervision, on a regular or ad hoc basis, to therapists as well as bi-monthly three hour CPD/Supervision groups. Please contact us on the details above for more information.

Tailoring Courses

Aspire can also tailor courses to meet your organisation’s needs.  Please contact us on the details above if you wish to discuss any requirements you may have.
What people say about our courses:-
“Hearing personal contributions from young people and adults with Autism made it much more relevant and helped me to understand things from their perspective.  It’s easy to know the theory but these very ‘real’ examples shared by people who are directly affected by autism, gave me insight into their world, which I could not have gained otherwise.  Thank you all – this was a productive use of my Saturday”.
Headteacher & Parent of a child with an ASC  
“A brilliant introduction to High Functioning Autism – really insightful.  Essential training for anyone living or working with people on the spectrum.  Having a panel of people with autistic spectrum conditions was genius and an absolute privilege”.
 “Lots and lots of valuable information.  The course has helped me hang a lot of my ‘lived’ experiences onto theories etc.  I have had a lot of ‘lightbulb moments’ during today’s training and plenty to process.  The handouts of the presentation will be a good resource as there was so much to take in”.
Psychotherapist & Mother to a son with Aspergers
 “I have worked in FE for 13 years and can honestly say this was the most interesting, informative and enjoyable CPD session I have ever done!  The trainers’ knowledge and personal experiences were conveyed in an easy to understand manner.  In my opinion this was invaluable training for me, both professionally as a lecturer and personally as a parent of a child who has a neurological disorder.”
Lecturer & Parent

 “Very comprehensive training … it should be delivered within the NHS”.
Autism Therapist, Trainer & Mentor